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Now Reach Wasp and Hornet Nests, Spray Paint surfaces, and More...

Using the patent pending spraying mechanism that holds just about any size spray can, the Spray Close Spray Extender gets you close to any object you need to spray using a standard extension pole.  Save money by reducing the amount of wasted product each time you spray.

See Video of Spray Close Spray Extender       

Instruction Video:  See Here how to use!      

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                                              Cool Tools host Chris Grundy


  • Spray wasp and hornet nests too far to reach with wasp Spray
  • Spray in-ground or other horizontal nests from a safe distance accurately
  • Paint distant objects, flag poles, shutters, gutters...etc.
  • Apply aerosol window cleaner
  • Decorate windows with faux snow
  • Fits most aerosol cans sizes & trigger tops


  • Stay off ladder and having to lift the ladder out of storage
  • Avoid stings
  • Keep Spray away from pets, plants, kids and yourself


  • Convenient to Use - Just attach to your extension pole or broom handle
  • Reduce amount of chemical exposure to enviornment
  • Reduce the amount of Spray used and hit target accurately
  • Ability to aim and target Spray exactly at entrance of nest
  • Extends the reach of foaming sprays which typically do not Spray long distances

Find the Spray Close Spray Extender at a Retailer Near You - See list of retailers that offer this great new product from Your Useful Products here.

Do Fake Nests Work?

This is the question we see often on the internet with very mixed reviews.  Like the Spray Close Spray Extender, Fake Nests would reduce chemical exposure so that is a benefit.   However, our understanding from experts on the subject of territorial behavior in wasps is that Wasps are ATTRACTED to areas with fake nests if the wasps feel the nest is from a similar species.  So, you may or may not have success with a fake nest - and it may make a situation worse.  Please do your research.

Please Note:  Our product does not work with the Wasp-Freeze from Whitmire Micro-Gen Research Lab.

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